Greta Andersen

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Greta Andersen
Medal record
Women's swimming
Competitor for  Denmark
Olympic Games
Gold 1948 London 100 m freestyle
Silver 1948 London 4×100 m freestyle
European Championships
Gold 1947 Monte Carlo 4x100 m freestyle
Gold 1950 Vienna 400 m freestyle
Silver 1950 Vienna 4x100 m freestyle
Bronze 1947 Monte Carlo 100 m freestyle
Bronze 1950 Vienna 100 m freestyle

Greta Andersen (born May 1, 1927) is a Danish swimmer and Olympic champion, later settled in Long Beach, California. She competed at the 1948 Olympic Games in London, where she received a gold medal in 100 m freestyle, and a silver medal in 4 × 100 m freestyle relay.[1]

Channel swimmer[edit]

Greta Andersen set the women's speed records both ways in the English Channel. (From France to England: 11 hours and 1 minute, and from England to France: 13 hours and 10 minutes).

She was the first person to swim the Santa Catalina Channel both ways.

World records[edit]

She set a world record in 100 yards in 1949, which was unbeaten until 1956. She set world records in 10 miles and in 25 miles.


She was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 1969.[2][3]


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