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Gretchen Lieberum is a Los Angeles- based jazz vocalist and song-writer.

Raised in Berkeley, California and educated at UC Santa Cruz, she developed a passion for jazz, funk and urban beats within the Bay Area scene.

After fronting a funk band for several years, Lieberum released her first solo album, Three a.m. (1999) followed by a record named Brand New Morning (2002),[1] both produced by Greg Porée. Her latest albums, Siren Songs (2005) and When This Kiss Is Over It Will Start Again (2009), were independently released in the United States.

She and college friend Maya Rudolph are in a Prince cover band together called Princess. Princess performed "Darling Nikki" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon in September 2012 with the band The Roots.[2]

Her song "You Closer" was featured as a sample track on the Sansa e200 series portable mp3 players