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Grewal/Garewal is a Jat clan found in Punjab, India, Haryana and Punjab, Pakistan. Grewal's alongside other Jats belong to the group of Indo-Aryan peoples. They are predominately Sikh by faith but there are some Hindu and Muslim Grewal minorities as well.

Notable Grewals[edit]

  • Gurmant Grewal former 3-term Member of Parliament in Canada and Deputy House Leader.
  • Nina Grewal 4-term Member of Parliamant in Canada. Nina and Gurmant Grewal are the first married couple to consecutively serve in the Canadian Parliament.
  • Gurnam Singh Grewal of V. Narangwal served as Chief Minister of Punjab
  • Gippy Grewal Singer, Actor, Producer
  • Alexi Grewal Olympic Gold medal cyclist

Dr Karam Singh Grewal renowned Orthopaedic doctor