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Grey and Bell was a Taranaki electorate in the New Zealand Parliament from 1853 to 1881.[1]

Population centres[edit]

The electorate covered the northern, rural part of the Taranaki Province. The localities of Inglewood and Waitara fell within Grey and Bell.


Thomas King resigned in 1855, but the seat was not filled before the next general election through a by-election. Brown resigned on 16 August 1856 to (unsuccessfully) contest the Taranaki superintendency. He was again elected in 1858 and resigned in 1860, when his militia service required his full attention.[2]

In between Brown's terms, Lewthwaite represented the electorate, who resigned in 1858.[3] Thomas King and William Cutfield King contested the 1860 election. The latter won the contest, but was killed in the New Zealand Wars before he could take up the seat.[4] R Trimble won the 1879 election.

Election results[edit]

The following Members of Parliament represented Grey and Bell:



Election Winner
1853 election Thomas King
1855 election Charles Brown
1856 by-election John Lewthwaite[5]
1858 by-election Charles Brown
1860 by-election Thomas King
1860 election William King
1861 by-election Harry Atkinson
1866 election James Richmond
1871 election Frederic Carrington
1875 election
1879 election Robert Trimble[6]


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