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Greyday Productions, sometimes called simply Greyday Records, is an independent record label based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Formed to release a new record from long-time friends Still Life,[1] Greyday has grown from a musician run DIY collective to a full independent label. Operated mainly by Todd Berry (who moved to Portland from Los Angeles in 2001), Greyday has a constantly changing staff of friends and interns who help with a lot of the day-to-day operations. Greyday Records is distributed by Burnside Distribution Corporation.


Greydawn Records[edit]

Greydawn is operated by Greyday Records in Portland, Oregon. It is a collective of independent and self-releasing artists. More of an imprint than a label, it is a place for serious Portland area bands and musicians to gain national distribution and exposure while operating essentially the same as they would independently; it is run almost entirely by the artists on it (with exception to distribution, which is handled through accounts held by Greyday Records). Greydawn exists solely to help Portland artists get a leg up in starting out, and what it becomes is pretty much up to the artists who run it.


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