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The Greyhound Bus Museum is located in Hibbing, Minnesota, where Carl Wickman and Andrew "Bus Andy" Anderson started their first bus service in 1914 transporting fellow miners in a 1914 Hupmobile.

Company history[edit]

The Greyhound Lines was created by E.C.(Ed) Ekstrom, Carl Wickman, Andy (Bus) Anderson, and others, through a series of partnerships and mergers to become an icon, symbolizing the American dream.

Museum History[edit]

The museum opened in September 1989 in the Hibbing Municipal Building under the name Greyhound Bus Origin Center. It was the dedicated work of one man, Gene Nicolelli, a local resident, who found a plaque in the abandoned local Greyhound Terminal honoring the town as the birthplace of the bus industry. The museum has since acquired a number of buses associated with the Greyhound Line operation. The exhibits also tell the story of the company, its contribution to the WWII efforts and display memorabilia from its history.[1][2][3]

Historical Vehicles[edit]

  • 1914 Hupmobile
  • 1927 White
  • 1936 "Super Coach"
  • 1947 "Battle of Britain"
  • 1947-48 AFC "Brill"
  • 1948 "Silverside"
  • 1955 Courier 96
  • 1956 Scenicruiser
  • 1964 GMC PD4106
  • 1967 "Buffalo"
  • 1969 "Buffalo"
  • 1977 MC8 - "Americruiser"
  • 1982 MCI-9

Permanent exhibits[edit]

  • The men and machines that created Greyhound Bus Lines: Pictorial and memorabilia
  • The Greyhound Story: Video presentation of the company history.
  • The car they could not sell: The story of entrepreneurship from a 2 mile line Hibbing-Alice to the worlds largest bus company.

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