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Gridiron Enterprises is a sports consulting company based in Chicago, Illinois. Although they offer services to the public, their primary focus and notability is in being the patent holder of the system of play for Arena Football until the patent expired on March 27, 2007, as well as being an equity member of the league.

The company is owned by James F. Foster, Jr., the original founder of the Arena Football League (AFL), attorney William Niro, and Jerry Kurz. Gridiron was one of the parties that forced the original Arena Football League into bankruptcy liquidation; Kurz then went on to set up a new league originally known as Arena Football 1 (AF1), separate from the AFL organization, for some of the AFL teams. AF1 went on to purchase all of the assets of the AFL organization in a bankruptcy auction in December 2009, enabling it to brand itself as a continuation of the original AFL.

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