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Gridiron Glory[1] is a weekly 30-minute television sports show that airs highlights of high school football games in Southeastern Ohio. The program began in 1999, and airs every Friday night at 11:30 during the high school football season. The program airs on the PBS-affiliate WOUB in Athens, Ohio, and is produced entirely by Ohio University students. Jimmer Eckhardt is producing the 2014 season along with Mark Bobson directing. Nathan Takitch is the show's host.


Gridiron Glory covers the teams in four leagues in Ohio, and three teams in West Virginia. The program covers teams from the Southeaster Ohio Athletic League (SEOAL), the Muskingum Valley League (MVL), and the Hocking and Ohio divisions of the Tri-Valley Conference (TVC). In West Virginia, the program covers Parkersburg, Parkersburg South and Williamstown.

Player of the year[edit]

At the end of every season, Gridiron Glory names a player of the year based on voting from the community. The Gridiron Glory staff selects five finalists from the coverage area, and then the community votes online. The list of player of the year winners is:

  • 1999: Justin Roush, RB, Meigs High school
  • 2000: Joey Conrad, QB, Logan High School
  • 2001: Drew Cannon, RB, New Lexington
  • 2002: Tyler Kelly, RB, Marietta High School
  • 2003: Donnie Johnson, QB, Gallia Academy
  • 2004: Jared Humphreys, QB, Jackson High School
  • 2005: Kevin Culver, LB, Sheridan High School
  • 2006: Travis Cook, RB, New Lexington High School
  • 2007: Cam West, QB, Tri-Valley High School
  • 2008: Patrick Angle, QB, Logan High School
  • 2009: Derek Arnold, RB, Nelsonville-York High School
  • 2010: Austin Wilson, RB, Gallia Academy High School
  • 2011: Austin Osborne, QB, Jackson High School
  • 2012: Wade Jarrell, QB, Gallia Academy High School
  • 2013 Kane Roush RB, Wahama High School

Beyond the Game[edit]

In 2009, Gridiron Glory debuted a segment titled “Beyond the Game,”[2] which produced human-interest features on various topics related to high school football. The stories often had little to do with performance on the football field, and instead highlighted the lives and touching stories of the players off the field.


Throughout the history of the program, Gridiron Glory has been recognized as an outstanding production. Gridiron Glory has been awarded with four Emmy Awards[3] for Outstanding Student Production in 2000, 2006, 2007 and 2011.


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