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Not to be confused with Grid Runner.
Vic-20 Cartridge
Developer(s) Jeff Minter
Publisher(s) HESware
Platform(s) Commodore Vic-20
Release date(s) 1982

Gridrunner is a series of shoot 'em up games written by Jeff Minter. The original Gridrunner was published for various 8-bit systems in 1982 and 1983 with Gridrunner 2 following in 1983. A third installation, Voidrunner was released in 1987. Confusingly, Gridrunner 2 was released in the US under the name Attack of the Mutant Camels, which was also the title used for a totally different game released the same year by Minter.

The original game was written in a week.[1] The series was revived in 2002 with Gridrunner++, for modern platforms, and followed by later games in the series.


The game is similar to the Atari game Centipede, in which the player controls a green ship, the Gridrunner, at the bottom and shoots at enemies which zigzag down from the top. The player must also avoid pulses emitted by the X-Y zappers which patrol the edges of the grid. The game has twenty waves of enemies to complete.[2]


Ahoy! called Attack of the Mutant Camels the product of "a fiendish mind", with "serviceable" graphics ("so if you're wondering what a mutant camel really looks like, forget it") and excellent sound effects, and concluded that it was "all in all, a fine game".[3]


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