Grigoriy Demidovtsev

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Grigoriy Demidovtsev

Grigoriy Demidovtsev (Russian: Григорий Демидовцев) is the pen name of Grigoriy Anatolyevich Petrov (Russian: Григорий Анатольевич Петров) (born 1960), a Russian fiction writer and a playwright. Since 2001 he publishes Biznes Segodnya.


Demidovtsev wrote eight books of novels and a collection of stageplays:

  • Breath of the Future
  • Breath of the Past
  • Russ we hadn't known about
  • Breath of the Eternity
  • The Little Bow
  • The Demon of Temptation
  • The Black Angel. In a Boat of Death
  • Russian Mystery
  • Plays

Some of them were translated into English to be collected in the Fantastic stories.


In the Breath of the Past and the Russ we hadn't known about Demidovtsev depicts a fictional European country Nevoruss. "Nevoruss " is the Russian word for "Neva Russ," literally “Russ at the Neva river”. Nevoruss is considered to be a successor state of the medieval Novgorod Republic. It managed to avoid Muscovite conquest in the 15th century and due to commercial activity of its inhabitants continued to thrive.

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