Grilled (film)

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Directed by Jason Ensler
Produced by Jeff Sussman
Rory Rosegarten
Jon Klane
Bradley Jenkel
William Tepper
Screenplay by William Tepper
Story by William Tepper
Larry Hankin
Starring Ray Romano
Kevin James
Sofia Vergara
Juliette Lewis
Michael Rapaport
Barry Newman
Burt Reynolds
Music by Adam Cohen
Cinematography Lawrence Sher
Edited by Chris Peppe
Avery Pix
The Jon Klane Company
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release dates
  • July 11, 2006 (2006-07-11)
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Grilled is a 2006 comedy film starring Ray Romano and Kevin James. It was released direct-to-video in the United States on July 11, 2006.


Maurice (Romano) and Dave (James) are door-to-door meat salesmen who need to make a sale to keep their jobs. After several houses with no luck, they meet Loridonna (Sofia Vergara), who is interested in the guys' meat as well as what they are selling. However, an emergency call offsets them, as they now go to the home of Mafia princess Suzzane (Juliette Lewis). Once there, they then encounter mobster Tony (Kim Coates) and two hitmen.

Plot summary[edit]

Maurice and Dave are trying and failing to sell steaks to people through the mail service. When they return to their boss he has become tired of their incompetence and gives them cards with the names and addresses of their highest buyers, warning them that this is their last chance or they're fired. While driving Dave loses one of the cards and asks Maurice to turn around and go back. Unable to find it they try their luck with the last card they have. The card gives them the address of a woman named Loridonna. While describing their varieties of meat Loridonna gets a phone call from her friend Suzzane who has swallowed a fish and needs help. Loridonna lies that Dave is a doctor and gets him to talk to Suzzane. While Dave is talking to Suzzane Loridonna begins to seductively talk about wanting Maurice's "meat". Although he is turned on Maurice tries to seal a deal with Loridonna, but before Loridonna signs Dave comes in saying that Suzzane wants to kill herself. Loridonna begins to worry and tries to leave, not wanting to lose their jobs Maurice and Dave offer to drive Loridonna to Suzzane's house. When they get there Maurice and Dave learn that Suzzane is a drunk who says that her suicide was a false alarm. When Dave is left with the task of trying to calm down and comfort Suzzane, Loridonna and Maurice begin making out in the other room. Moments later Tony, Suzzane's husband, comes home and finds Maurice with Loridonna. Tony casually changes clothes while telling Maurice that Loridonna was once a man. Embarrassed Loridonna confirms this and tries to explain it to Maurice, but he is too disappointed (and disgusted) to care. Tony then comes out to the living room and attempts to kill Dave thinking that he tried to make out with Suzzane. After explaining what happened Dave and Tony become friendly with one another and Tony begins to grill some steaks. Dave tries to seal a deal with Tony, but he leaves to get a paper towel, because he spilled BBQ sauce on the order paper, only to be ambushed, shot, and killed by two hitmen. After finding some of Tony's guns Dave and Maurice are able to make the two hitmen surrender. After some awkward talking and making some promises Dave and Maurice give the two hitmen their guns back. After receiving a call from their boss the two hit men are ordered to kill Dave and Maurice. Instead of killing them the two hitmen tie up and put them into the trunk of their car. After some driving Dave and Maurice try to escape while the two hitmen go to a party. Maurice is able to get out and goes to get things to free Dave, because he got stuck. Maurice then sees Goldblurn, one of the names on the cards they got from their boss, and is convinced that the past events were for a reason. After freeing Dave and telling him what he saw Dave is skeptical but becomes a believer after seeing his wife and daughter on a bus a block away. They begin with introducing themselves and describing the tenderness of their steaks. Maurice notices the two hitmen have returned looking for them and Maurice is able to lock the door and return to Dave to warn him. Dave is unable to leave because Goldblurn is rambling on that Dave and Maurice could be selling steaks to save their sorry asses, but "seem okay." He signs and before leaving warn Goldblurn that two hitmen and their boss are here to kill him. Dave gives Goldblurn the gun Tony had when he was killed and Goldblurn tells Dave and Maurice he expects his delivery within 10 days. When Maurice and Dave drive off they look back to see shots fired before Goldblurn comes out without a scratch ordering his men that he wants "the place cleaned up as if it never happened." Dave and Maurice return to their boss with seven order papers filled out and 21 grand up front from Goldblurn. The film ends with Dave and Maurice having a barbecue with Dave's family.


Grilled was originally titled Men Don't Quit, and was set for a worldwide theatrical release in 2005. Poor test screenings pushed it back, and the film went straight to video under its new title.


Home media[edit]

On the North American Region 1 DVD, bonus features include a single deleted scene, a making-of featurette, and a documentary on Romano and James' real-life friendship.

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