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Grimsby Secondary School is a secondary school located at 5 Boulton Avenue in Grimsby, ON Operated by the DSBN, it has a student body of approximately 1000 year-to-year. The mascot is an eagle, and it operates a number of extracurricular programs such as band, swimming, rowing, and cross-country.[1][2]

Relay for Life at GSS[edit]

Grimsby Secondary School (GSS) has hosted five Relay for Life events for the Canadian Cancer Society in the past ten years.[3] In 2011, GSS hosted its most successful fundraiser, accumulated over $90,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.[3] The secondary school hosts the student-organized event every two years.[3] The itinerary includes many fun activities for the community including head-shaving and face painting. The next Relay for Life event at GSS is expected to occur in 2015.[3]

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