Gringo Records

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Gringo Records
Gringo Records Logo 2012.jpg
Founded 1996
Distributor(s) Cargo Records
Genre Experimental Rock, DIY music
Country of origin United Kingdom
Location Nottingham
Official website

Gringo Records is a long-running independent record label based in Nottingham, England.


The label formed in Colchester in 1996 from involvements in the Damn You! fanzine, and inspired by the International Pop Underground Convention.[1] Its first release was a Lando/Teebo split 7″ which was given to Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai (his former band Eska later released on Gringo Records).[2] The label's second release, Hirameka Hi-Fi's ‘Munchin’, received radio air play from both BBC Radio 1's John Peel and Steve Lamacq which importantly saw the label gain distribution for releases. Following this San Lorenzo and Reynolds released singles on the label and the three acts regularly played live shows together as a Gringo package. With their second release on Gringo Records entitled the "Play Hard" EP Hirameka Hi-Fi received further national airplay and press coverage prompting professional interest from the music industry. Later Hirameka Hi-Fi recorded a "Session Unsigned" session for the Evening Session.[3] The bands Wolves! (Of Greece), Reynolds and Hirameka Hi-Fi performed live for Radio 1 in 2002, and in 2003 Bilge Pump were invited to play a Peel Session.[4] Gringo Records artists have also received mainstream press attention,[5] such as Hookworms' album Pearl Mystic, and the label continues to be important regionally.[6] Both Yannis of Foals and Bloc Party have named themselves as fans of Gringo,[7] and Gringo's That Fucking Tank were announced to tour with Foals in 2014.[8] Gringo Record's lengthy regional importance and influence was recognised with its nomination in 2013 for Best Small Label at the national AIM Independent Music Awards.[9]

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