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A tin of Grizzly Long Cut Mint.

Grizzly is an American brand of dipping tobacco (moist snuff) that was introduced in 2001[1] and currently made by the American Snuff Company. It is available in pouches, Fine Cut, Long Cut, Wide Cut, and Extra Long Cut. All Grizzly varieties are packaged in a 1.2 oz black plastic container with a metal lid. Depending on the cut, Grizzly delivers 2.31-2.67 mg nicotine per gram..

History of American Snuff Company [2][edit]

American Snuff Company's ancestral roots predate the formation of the United States. A certain Captain John Garrett of the Sixth Delaware Militia came home from fighting the British in the Revolutionary War and established, in 1782, a snuff mill on Red Clay Creek in Delaware. His descendants, William E. Garrett and Levi Garrett, are memorialized in two of American Snuff Company's major brands. One of these dry snuff products displays a trademark that is the oldest U.S. trademark in continuous use. This mark was one of the first ten recorded on October 25, 1870, the first day the U.S. Patent Office began granting trademarks.

The new snuff industry, like the new nation, grew rapidly and proliferated during the next 75–100 years. Beginning in the 1880s James B. Duke's efforts continued the growth but slowed the proliferation as he acquired and amalgamated tobacco companies, both cigarette companies and snuff companies. By 1900, he had created a giant "tobacco trust" organized as two companies - the American Tobacco Company and the American Snuff Company. What Duke had joined together, Teddy Roosevelt put asunder. Armed with new anti-trust legislation (Sherman Act and Clayton Act) enacted to break up the steel, oil, tobacco trusts, and others, Roosevelt, acting through the Department of Justice, filed, in 1907, an antitrust lawsuit against the American Snuff Company. The government-mandated separation was finalized in 1911, resulting in three companies: the American Snuff Company, Weyman-Bruton (later, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company) and Helme (which continues today as Swisher International, Inc.). These three companies today are three of the four largest smokeless tobacco manufacturers.

In 1912, the American Snuff Company headquarters moved from New York to Memphis, Tennessee. For the next 40 years, the Company's operations were focused on dry snuff. In the 1950s, the American Snuff Company began diversifying. In 1952, Taylor Brothers, Inc., a manufacturer of chewing tobacco located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was acquired. In 1967 Scott Tobacco Company, a manufacturer of twist chewing tobacco, was acquired. In the period beginning in the mid-1960s and continuing for the next twenty years, the Company began a process of diversification and acquired several non-tobacco businesses, which produced and distributed such products as insecticides, shoe polish, popcorn, military pyrotechnics, playground equipment, theater supplies and yogurt. In 1966, to reflect its diversified operations, the American Snuff Company changed its name to Conwood Corporation.

In 1985, Conwood Corporation was restructured as a privately owned company pursuant to a merger which resulted in the formation of Conwood Company, L.P. In 2006, Conwood Company, L.P. was reorganized as Conwood Company, LLC. The diversification trend which extended the Company's involvement in non-tobacco products was reversed in the eighties as Conwood altered its business strategy to focus again solely on the manufacture and distribution of smokeless tobacco products. To reflect this return to the Company's smokeless tobacco origins, in 2010 Conwood Company, LLC was renamed American Snuff Company, LLC.

In 2001, the American Snuff Company, released Grizzly Snuff (dip). When first released, only two flavors, Wintergreen and Natural, were offered. Since then, Mint, Straight, and now a "Wide Cut" version have been released. Grizzly is, by most users standards, considered a cheaper alternative to top shelf tobaccos like Copenhagen (tobacco) and Skoal (tobacco). Over all nicotine content is higher than most snuff (dip) tobaccos.


  • Grizzly Wintergreen Long Cut, Fine cut, Wide Cut and Pouches
  • Grizzly Mint Long cut and Pouches
  • Grizzly Natural Fine Cut and Extra Long Cut
  • Grizzly Straight Long Cut and Pouches
  • Grizzly Snuff and Snuff Pouches
  • Grizzly 1900 Long Cut
  • Grizzly Dark Wintergreen (Currently under a trial run in Indiana)
  • Grizzly Wide cut Wintergreen
  • Grizzy Dirty Hunter Alen Phillips Chew