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View from Grogarnberg

Grogarnsberget (or Grogarnsberg) is a former hill fort in Östergarn on the Swedish island of Gotland, second only to Torsburg as the largest prehistoric hill fort (Swedish fornborg) in Scandinavia.

The castle was on the Grogarnshaupt, the northern tip of Grogarnberges. The 30 meter high sea cliffs provided protection on three sides. In the south there were two 100 meter long stone walls with palisades. From the castle you can see the other great castles of this region. Archaeological investigations of the outer ramparts turned up arrowheads from the late Vendel Period (550-800 AD), which provide a clue as to the dating of the castle.[1] Also found were a number of wooden posts, probably formerly part of the palisades, which dated to the year 740.[2] The castle has both an outer and inner wall.

In the west, east and south are the historic harbors Katthammarsvik, Herrvik, and Sandviken, the starting points for trips to the Baltic.

On the isle of Gotland 82 such castles are known. Most measure less than 800 m² for interior surface. Grogarnsberget, however, measures 450 m × 100 m (45,000 m²), making it one of the two largest towns on the island. House foundations from the Roman Iron Age - the migration period - were found inside the castle, unlike on other castle hills of the island.[1]

The area is also a nature reserve and a Natura 2000 designated area. [3][4][5]


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  • "Information board" (PDF; 1.5 MB). Länsstyrelsen Gotland (in Swedish). Retrieved 2012-01-31. 

Coordinates: 57°26′34.4″N 18°53′22.4″E / 57.442889°N 18.889556°E / 57.442889; 18.889556