Groove Chronicles

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Groove Chronicles
Also known as First Steps
Origin United Kingdom
Genres UK garage, house, 2-step garage
Years active 1996–present
Labels Groove Chronicles, DPR Recordings
Members Noodles
Past members EL-B

Having recently left the hustle and bustle of London in search for a slightly less hectic atmosphere, it is clear when speaking to Steven Jude aka Noodles that music is still his number one priority. Finally getting the vast majority of his record collection out of storage and beginning to get back in the studio.

Ever since playing at one of the original raves in Paris at the age of 17, you only need hear him play for a matter of minutes to know that his attitude to music is fundamentally the same and that his objective is to make people dance. His history working in record stores and selling vinyl records has given him the opportunity to get years of valuable face-to-face feedback on the music from the then thriving community that was listening to it.

Adamant that “those who try to be trendy out-trend themselves” he has consistently tried using his label DPR to release the music he loves. With releases dating back to 1997 it was the first outlet for his seminal Groove Chronicles project where began to push his unique hybrid sound. With tracks such as “Angel Body”, “Stone Cold” and “Black Puppet” still in heavy rotation many credit the project as one of the key foundations that musical movements such as 2step/dubstep and grime were built upon. With a recent DPR label takeover on Just Jam and taking part in the RBMA Boiler Room garage special last Christmas even when we fast forward over ten years and he is still as relevant now as he ever was.



  • Groove Chronicles Album (MP3) (Groove Chronicles, 2006)

12" singles & EPs[edit]

  • "The Beginnings" (Old Dog Recordings, 1996)
  • "No Body" (Groove Chronicles, 1997)
  • "Angel Body"/"Natural" (DPR (Dat Pressure Records), 1997)
  • "Shattered"/"Epic" (Groove Chronicles, 1997)
  • "Chronicles Theme" (DPR, 1997)
  • Another Endless Groove - The Power EP (Groove Chronicles, 1998)
  • "Stone Cold" (Groove Chronicles, 1998)
  • "Your Sweetness" (Outlaw Records UK, 1998)
  • "Holiday Da Vybe" (Groove Chronicles, 1998)
  • "99"/"Black Puppet" (DPR, 1999)
  • "Millenium Funk" (Groove Chronicles, 1999)
  • "Music" - Groove Chronicles vs. Beatnut (Groove Chronicles, 1999)
  • "Nobody But You" - Groove Chronicles & Sterling Styles (DPR, 1999)
  • "Be Happy" (Groove Chronicles, 1999)
  • "Faith In You"/"Life Is What You Make It" (DPR, 1999)
  • "Gotta Get Mine" - Groove Chronicles vs Booker T feat. Aaron Soul (Groove Chronicles, 2000)
  • "1999: The Remix"/"Millennium Funk" (Kinky Fox Records, 2000)
  • Lowdown EP (DPR, 2001)
  • "Millenium Funk"/"1999" (Original Unreleased Instrumental) (Groove Chronicles, 2003)
  • Retro EP (Point Blank Records, 2003)
  • "Millenium Funk"/"1999" (Instrumental) (Groove Chronicles, 2003)
  • "Ouchi Wally"/"Stone Cold" (Groove Chronicles, 2005)
  • "Myron"/"99" (Groove Chronicles, 2005)
  • "Masterplan"/"Shattered" (Groove Chronicles, 2006)
  • Classics EP (DnRvinyl Records, 2009)
  • "Unknown" (Kinky Fox Records)
  • "Masterplan" (Groove Chronicles)
  • "Ouchie Wally"
  • "Mighty Heroes" (Groove Chronicles)

DJ mixes[edit]

  • Blackmarket Presents 2 Step - Volume Two (CD) (Azuli Records, 2001)


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