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Broadcast area Internet radio
Slogan "New radio. Cool Modern grooves. True."
Format Chill-out
Affiliations independent

Groovera (aka. Groovera New Modern Radio) is an independent, multi-channel, commercial-free, and listener-supported Internet-only radio station dedicated to "chill-out music". Specifically, Groovera featured mixes of downtempo, future lounge, nu-jazz (aka. "future jazz"), ambient pop, trip hop, psybient and neo-soul, as well as other related and contributing genres. Groovera ended operation temporarily in May 2012 and announced on Facebook on June 19, 2012 that they have resumed operation and introduced three new channels: Exotic Lounge, Chill Surreal, and Soul Nouveau.


Groovera, originally known as "OverXposure.FM",[1][2] was founded by Tim Quigley in Seattle on August 23, 2003 on an old PC in his living room webcasting to only up to six concurrent listeners and featured a single web radio stream called FrostByte Groove Lounge. OverXposure.FM underwent brand transition in September 2006 and became Groovera (pronounced "groov-AIR-ah"), a portmanteau combining the words "groove" and the Latin word "vera" meaning "true" or "pure". As part of the brand transition, the FrostByte Groove Lounge name was retired and the channel rotation divided into the currently existing channels Jet City Lounge and Low Mercury. The foundations of Ambient Popsicle and forthcoming channel Jazz ala Mode were extracted from the FrostByte Groove Lounge rotation in April 2004. Groovera radio channels first appeared in iTunes Radio in February 2007.

Groovera music channels[edit]

Groovera features six distinct chillout-only music channels designed to appeal to different styles of "chill-out music":

  • Jet City Lounge: A mix of instrumental lounge, downtempo, nu-jazz, and brokenbeat, with intermittent vocals. This is the channel that was previously known as FrostByte Groove Lounge.
  • Exotic Lounge: Music for sun-chasing world travelers


  • 2005 Web Radio Awards: "Best Chilled / Ambient Station" (as OverXposure.FM)
  • 2005 Web Radio Awards: "Best Downtempo DJ" (as OverXposure.FM)


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