Gross Spannort

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Gross Spannort
Elevation 3,198 m (10,492 ft)
Prominence 616 m (2,021 ft)[1]
Parent peak Titlis
Gross Spannort is located in Switzerland
Gross Spannort
Gross Spannort
Location in Switzerland
Location Uri, Switzerland
Range Urner Alps
Coordinates 46°47′11.8″N 08°31′29.5″E / 46.786611°N 8.524861°E / 46.786611; 8.524861Coordinates: 46°47′11.8″N 08°31′29.5″E / 46.786611°N 8.524861°E / 46.786611; 8.524861

The Gross Spannort is a mountain of the Urner Alps, located between Engelberg and Erstfeld in Central Switzerland. It is located within the canton of Uri, although its summit lies on the watershed between the Engelberger Aa and the main Reuss valley. The Gross Spannort is almost entirely surrounded by glaciers, the largest being the Glatt Finn. South-west of the Gross Spannort is the Chli Spannort ("little Spannort").


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