Grosser Mythen

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Grosser Mythen
Mythen Panorama.jpg
Kleiner Mythen (left) and Grosser Mythen (right)
Elevation 1,898 m (6,227 ft)
Prominence 493 m (1,617 ft)[1]
Grosser Mythen is located in Switzerland
Grosser Mythen
Grosser Mythen
Location in Switzerland
Location Schwyz, Switzerland
Range Schwyzer Voralpen
Coordinates 47°01′47″N 8°41′19.7″E / 47.02972°N 8.688806°E / 47.02972; 8.688806Coordinates: 47°01′47″N 8°41′19.7″E / 47.02972°N 8.688806°E / 47.02972; 8.688806

The Grosser Mythen (also Grosse Mythe) is a mountain in the Schwyzer Voralpen, located near Schwyz in Central Switzerland.

It is accessible from Holzegg by a hiking trail which is opened during the summer months only. Geologically the Mythen is a penninic Klippe.

The name is pronounced [ˈmiːtən]; it is in origin the plural referring to the Grosser and Kleiner Mythen collectively, each of which had the name Mythe (feminine) in the singular. The name is unrelated to the now-homographic German word for "myth"; Weibel (1973) derives it from Latin meta "cone, pyramid". Until the late 19th century, the name of the mountain was still feminine, die Grosse Mythe; after c. 1870, the masculine gender became increasingly common in written German although dialectically the feminine remains current.[2]


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