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Group Health Research Institute (GHRI), formerly known as Group Health Center for Health Studies, is a non-proprietary, public-domain research institution affiliated with Group Health Cooperative. GHRI's mission is to improve health and health care for everyone through leading-edge research, innovation, and dissemination. This work is funded primarily through federal sources such as the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Mental Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and private foundations. In 2012, the Institute received more than $225 million in grants and contracts.

GHRI was founded in 1983 and currently employs over 300 staff. The organization is structured around a traditional academic model, which includes a multi-disciplinary faculty of 36 doctorate-level Scientific Investigators (Assistant, Associate, and Full) with backgrounds in medicine, psychology, epidemiology, economics, anthropology and other health-related fields; 10 masters-level Biostaticians; and 14 Research Associates with doctorate and/or masters degrees. Most Scientific Investigators have joint academic appointments at the University of Washington and are actively involved in teaching and mentoring, in addition to conducting research. GHRI also has more than 30 affiliate investigators with primary appointments at the University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, and Alere Wellbeing.

GHRI includes the MacColl Institute for Health Care Innovation and the Center for Community Health and Evaluation.

At any given time, GHRI is involved in more than 150 research studies and clinical trials.

GHRI's current, primary research foci are

GHRI is a member of the HMO Research Network, a consortium of 16 health care delivery systems with integrated research divisions, offering a geographically diverse sample of population-based health care.

GHRI is also a member of the National Cancer Institute funded Cancer Research Network (CRN), a consortium of HMO Research Network members whose goal is to conduct cancer research on prevention, early detection, treatment, long-term care, surveillance, and cancer communication and dissemination and implementation research.

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