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Grove Creek Observatory is an astronomical observatory in Trunkey Creek, New South Wales, Australia. It advertises that it has the darkest night skies and best seeing conditions of any observatory in Australia. It is located about 4 hours drive from Sydney, Australia. It is run by Jim Lynch and Greg Ford.

It is a non-profit research facility associated with the Astronomy programme at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, USA[1] and also provides remote internet access to its telescopes for the general public and astronomers.

The Sydney Morning Herald's review concluded that "It is ... for enthusiastic amateur astronomers. It is not designed for the casual visitor. The owners like people to come and stay and then use the observatory during their stay."[2]

Minor Planet 217603 ("Grove Creek") was discovered at this observatory by F. Tozzi on 9 May 2008.[3]


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Coordinates: 33°49′47″S 149°22′00″E / 33.8296°S 149.3666°E / -33.8296; 149.3666