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Grove School is a coeducational therapeutic boarding and day school located in Madison, Connecticut which serves grades six to twelve and post-graduates. Madison is a semi-suburban area, about 20 minutes from New Haven, Connecticut. Grove School was founded by Jess Perlman.

Grove School serves students with borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, reactive attachment disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, autism spectrum disorders, major depressive disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, dyslexia and other learning and emotional or behavioral disabilities.[1]


  • 1934 - Grove School was founded as an all-boys school.
  • 1979 - Fire broke out in Lodge building, killing two students.
  • 1991 - Grove School began accepting female students.


As of 2005 there were 105 students at Grove School, just one of whom was a day student. There was about a 60:40 male-female student ratio.

The majority of the students were from Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Some other states are represented such as Illinois, Georgia, Ohio, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware. Grove School has also hosted students from other countries such as Austria, Belgium and China.


The school has 3 psychiatrists, 7 therapists, 30 teachers (24 of whom are also dormitory staff), and 12 advisors. Half the teachers are certified in Special Education in Connecticut and the other half are content-area certified in Connecticut. While the student to staff ratio is 4:1, the student to on-duty staff ratio is much lower.

College placement[edit]

A SAT preparation program is available for juniors and seniors; it is especially tailored for Grove School.

In the 2004 SAT, 20% of the students scored over 600 on verbal, 20% scored over 600 on math and 25% scored over 1200 combined on the 2004 SAT.

Some of the graduates of 2011 are or were attending the following colleges: Curry College, West Virginia University, Mount Holyoke College, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Saint Michaels College, Salve Regina University, Mitchell College, Champlain College, Landmark College, Franklin Pierce University, Manhattanville College, Alaska Pacific University, Southern Connecticut State University, University of Vermont, Yeshiva University, California Institute of the Arts, Massbay Community College, Middlesex Community College, Keene State College, and Trent University.[citation needed]

Therapeutic element[edit]

Students see a therapist twice a week for individual therapy and a psychiatrist as necessary for medication management. They also meet in group therapy once a week.

There is a nurse's office on campus with three nurses and one nurse assistant, who refer students to physicians as needed. Students may also be referred to a registered dietician, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, and/or a speech therapist.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

Grove School has a varsity and junior varsity coed soccer team and basketball team. Grove School also has a boys' varsity and junior varsity baseball team, and a girls' softball team. In the 2005–2006 school year, there was a poetry club, outdoors club, and student council. The student council traditionally plans a pep rally, fall carnival, junior-senior prom, dress-up dinners (which is a semi-formal dress code), and Halloween Dance. Regular activities are also an important part of the campus life.

The school also operates the ASTEE (Alternative Site Therapeutic and Educational Experience) program. The ASTEE program operates throughout the year and exposes students to wilderness and cultural experiences in the US, Caribbean. and Central America. These opportunities, which Grove School has been offering to students for more than 20 years, strengthen students’ sense of community while helping them to build new and meaningful relationships with their mentors and peers.[2]


Grove School has many dorms, including White House, Middle House, The Olshin, The Lodge, The Perlman, The Redlich, The Patch, Charles House, Grey House, Blue House, and Tesler House. In 2010 the school opened a new education center with 9 classrooms, a science lab and a media center.[3] The campus is currently undergoing extensive renovation plans. In 2011 the school opened a new welcome center. The new 10,800-square-foot athletic facility was opened in December 2012.[4]

Student Intranet[edit]

Students at Grove School have access to an semi-campuswide student intranet dubbed "" This network allows students to use peer-to-peer messaging over LAN, and access movies and music over a collective file share. The network was designed, built, and maintained by RJ in the White House dormitory, thus its namesake "" In 2014 the network was moved to the Blue House dormitory, and has gone through several upgrades.

Network Technologies[edit]

  • Servers
    • Dell PowerEdge 2950 gen ii
    • Lenovo Thinkserver RD230
  • Software
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
      • IIS Web Server w/ PHP cgi
      • Microsoft MySQL Server
      • DHCP
      • DNS/DC
      • RRAS
      • ICS
    • FreeNAS file server OS
  • Other Hardware
    • Netgear 8-port Gigabit switch
    • 24 port Gigabit switch
    • CyberPower 1500PFCLCD UPS


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