Grovespring, Missouri

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Grovespring is an unincorporated community in Wright County, Missouri, United States. It is located on Missouri Route 5 about 20 miles (32 km) south of Lebanon, Missouri in neighbouring Laclede County. Several homes and businesses are located there. Grovespring is a rural farming community. Its main products are beef cattle, dairy cattle, and hay. The town has a grocery/feed store, service station, several automotive repair shops, hardware/feed store, and two cafes. Grovespring was devastated by a tornado in September 1959 in which it lost a bank and other businesses. The town is mentioned in the song Load up the Fairlane by the shoegazing group Ming's DX. The town has one school, Grovespring Elementary School, and upon completing 6th grade, students are bussed to Hartville, Missouri, to attend Hartville Junior High School and Hartville High School.

Coordinates: 37°23′59″N 92°36′35″W / 37.39972°N 92.60972°W / 37.39972; -92.60972