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Growing Pains was a short-running British television series aired by the BBC. It only played for two seasons, from September 1, 1992 to July 14, 1993. In this family comedy-drama a middle-aged couple, Tom and Pat Hollingsworth, decide to become foster parents. The show relates the impact this decision has on their lives and the tensions it causes between them and their own three children. The TV series was a continuation of the 1989–1990 radio series by the same name, which was written by, and partly based on the real-life experiences of, Steve Wetton.[1][2] It was directed by Michael Simpson.[3]

Growing Pains is notable for including the debut acting role of up-and-coming actress Lily Collins. Collins was a 2 year old infant when she appeared on the show.[4]

The lead roles of Pat and Tom Hollingsworth were played by Ray Brooks and Sharon Duce in both the radio show and the television series. The television cast of the Hollingsworth family also included Tat Whalley as Mark Hollingsworth, Peter Lloyd as Simon Hollingsworth, and Rosie Marcel as Lisa Hollingsworth. Liz Crowther, Lill Roughley and Trevor Peacock also appeared regularly on the show.[5]

The show's musical theme was composed by Nigel Hess.[6]


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