Grozny-City Towers Facade Clocks

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Grozny-City Towers Facade Clocks 13.6m Diameter
Construction of Clock

The Grozny-City Clocks are located at the Northwest and Southeast side of the Grozny-City Towers and built in September 2011 and opened on 5 October 2011 on the birthday celebration of Chechnya President Ramzan Akhmadovich Kadyrov in Grozny, Chechnya. Grozny-City Towers is a five-star skyscraper hotel and business centre complex located near Grozny Central Mosque.[1]

Technical information[edit]


The dial of each clock, with pair of hands and clock movement, is about 5.7 tons weight. Each steel construction which carries the clocks is about 15 tons weight.

  • Hour Hands: 250 kg / each
  • Minute Hands: 400 kg/ each
  • Clock Movements: 500 kg/ each

The dials of the clocks are made of aluminum, Bri-Curtain type, designed to absorb wind power. There are sets of dial markers, 12 markers per dial, illuminated with light-emitting diodes (LED).


Pairs of Hands are made of seawater-resistant aluminum, statically and dynamically balanced. Sizes: 7300/5550 mm. Illumination is by white high-power LEDs with black acrylic glass.

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