Grozny Group

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Grozny Group
Elevation 1,211 m (3,973 ft)
Location Iturup, Kuril Islands, Russia
Coordinates 45°01′34″N 147°55′19″E / 45.026°N 147.922°E / 45.026; 147.922
Type Complex volcano
Last eruption March 2014

Grozny Group (also Grozny Volcano) is a complex volcano located in the central part of Iturup Island, Kuril Islands, controlled by Russia, and claimed by Japan. There is an ongoing eruption there.

There are at least two named volcanoes:

  • Japanese: 小田萌山 Odamoi yama
  • Japanese: 焼山 Yake-yama Russian: Иван Грозный Volcan Ivan Grozny

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