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Praia de Grumari.jpg
Grumari is located in Rio de Janeiro
Location in Rio de Janeiro
Coordinates: 23°03′12″S 43°32′06″W / 23.05333°S 43.53500°W / -23.05333; -43.53500Coordinates: 23°03′12″S 43°32′06″W / 23.05333°S 43.53500°W / -23.05333; -43.53500
Country  Brazil
State Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Municipality/City Rio de Janeiro
Zone West Zone

Grumari is a neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Grumari is the only neighborhood in Rio you don´t see any people living there because it´s a municipal park where you can see virgin beaches exactly similar to the age when the Portugueses arrived in Brazil and started to explore It. There´s a salt marsh vegetation next to the beach and a rainforest that surround the hills of this district. There is a Nude beach next to Grumari beach called "Abricó" or Apricot(in english) beach and it´s used to naturism and it´s the only beach used for nudism inside the city. Grumari is near from Barra de Guaratiba Neighborhood, the place where you´ll find the best and the cheapest Seafoods to eat in Rio de Janeiro City. There are five wild virgin beaches in this neighborhood to visit and to explore: Inferno Beach(Hell´s beach), Funda beach(Deep Beach), Búzios beach(whelks beach), Meio´s beach(middle´s beach) and Perigoso beach(dangerous beach) where you can observe a pristine vegetation.

Grumari Neighborhood Gallery
Prainha, called Little beach in English, is a great place to surfing 
Grumari Beach Parking 
kiosk on the beach 
Abricó nude beach entrance 
Grumari Panorama 
Road to Grumari Beach 
Grumari Swamps 
Wild Virgin Beachs at Grumari Neighborhood. Hell´s Beach or Praia do Inferno, in Portuguese 
Abricó Beach at Grumari Neighborhood


A Nude Beach Beach at Grumari