Grutas de Lanquín

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Coordinates: 15°34′56″N 89°59′16″W / 15.58222°N 89.98778°W / 15.58222; -89.98778
Grutas de Lanquín
National Park
Lanquin Cave 1.jpg
Rock formation inside the caves.
Official name: Parque Nacional Grutas de Lanquín
Country Guatemala
Region Alta Verapaz
Municipality Lanquín
Landmark cave complex
Location Lanquín
 - coordinates 15°34′56″N 89°59′16″W / 15.58222°N 89.98778°W / 15.58222; -89.98778
Area 0.11 km2 (0 sq mi)
Geology karst
Founded Acuerdo Gubernativo 26-05-55
Date 1955
Management CONAP
Municipality of Lanquín
Visitation allowed

Grutas de Lanquín is a large limestone cave system located 1 kilometre (0.62 mi) west of Lanquín in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala.[1][2]

The Lanquín cave system was declared a national park in 1955.[3]


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