Guéra Region

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Coordinates: 12°10′58″N 18°41′05″E / 12.18278°N 18.68472°E / 12.18278; 18.68472

Map of Chad showing Guéra.
Map of Chad showing Guéra.
Country Chad
Departments 4
Sub-prefectures 12
Regional capital Mongo
 • Governor Koldimadji Mirari (2008)
Population (2009)
 • Total 553,795

Guéra is one of the 22 regions of Chad, created in 2002 from the former Guéra prefecture. The region's capital is Mongo.


The region's has a population of 306,653 (1993), of which 263,843 are sedentary (rural, 219,884; urban, 43,959), and 42,810 nomadic. As of 2009, the total population had risen to 553,795.

The main ethnico-linguistic groups are the Hadjerai (66.18%) and the Arabs (21.11%).


The region of Guéra is divided into four departments:

Department Capital (chef-lieu) Sub-prefectures
Guéra Mongo Baro, Mongo, Niergui
Barh Signaka Melfi Chinguil, Melfi, Mokofi
Abtouyour Bitkine Bitkine, Bang-Bang
Mangalmé (fr) Mangalmé (fr) Mangalmé, Bitchotchi, Eref, Kouka Margni