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Guadalajara is a well-known mariachi song written and composed by Pepe Guízar in 1937. The song was written in honor of his hometown, Guadalajara in the State of Jalisco Mexico.[1][2] It is probably the most famous mariachi song of all time.[citation needed] "Guadalajara Guadalajara" is considered both within Mexico and abroad as a synonym of the symbols of Mexico — Mariachi, tequila, and the charro — to such a degree that this song is like a Mexican hymn all around the world. It has been performed not only on hundreds of radio stations but also in many movies and by several international singers.[citation needed] One of the most popular interpretations outside of Mexico was that of Elvis Presley.[citation needed] Other notable non-Mexican interpreters, were Nat King Cole in his album "More Cole Español (1962),[3] Percy Faith "Viva the Music of Mexico (1958) [4] and Desi Arnaz "The Best of Desi Arnaz Mambo King".[5]


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