Guadalope River

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Alcaniz, Vista.jpg
The Guadalope in Alcañiz
Origin Sierra de Gúdar, Maestrazgo
( Aragon)
Basin countries Spain
Length 160 km
Source elevation 2000 m
Mouth elevation 117 m
Avg. discharge 4.83 m³/s
Basin area 3890 km²

The Guadalope River (Guadalop in Catalan and Aragonese) is a river in Aragon, Spain. It is a tributary of the Ebro (Ebre in Catalan).


Watershed of the Guadalope

This 160 km long river rises in the Sierra de Gúdar, near Villarroya de los Pinares and Miravete de la Sierra in the Maestrazgo, Aragon. It receives water from rivulets originating in the Sierra de la Cañada and Sierra Carrascosa. Flowing northeastwards its waters fill the Santolea reservoir, then the dam of Calanda, before it enters the Ebro at Caspe.

In addition to the towns mentioned, it also flows through Alcañiz and Civan. Tributaries of the Guadalope include the Bergantes, Fortanete, Bordón and Mezquín on the right side, and the Aliaga River and the Guadalopillo on the left.

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Coordinates: 41°14′49″N 0°03′29″W / 41.24694°N 0.05806°W / 41.24694; -0.05806