Guam High School (Guam)

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Guam High School

Guam High School is a U.S. military operated secondary school located at 401 Stitt Street in Agana Heights in the United States territory Guam.[1]

The school, a part of the Department of Defense Education Activity, serves over 500 students grades 9 through 12. The school serves children of military personnel stationed in Guam. Staff includes forty-six teachers and two administrators. The principal is Philip Keim.

In September 1997 the DoDEA opened its own schools for children of military personnel.[2]

School uniforms[edit]

Like other Department of Defense Education Activity schools on Guam, Guam High School requires school uniforms. Uniforms consist of golf shirts and oxford shirts, navy blue and white, and khaki trousers, skirts, and shorts.[3] DODEA Pacific officials began implementing uniforms at the schools in the northern hemisphere fall of 2007; students received a period to adjust, then uniforms became mandatory in January 2008.[4]


Athletic activities at the school include:[5]


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Other organizations include:[5]


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