Guam Men's Soccer League

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Guam Men's Soccer League
Country Guam Guam
Confederation AFC
Founded 1990
Divisions 2
Number of teams D1: 8 teams
D2: 11 teams
Domestic cup(s) Guam FA Cup
Current champions Rovers FC
Most championships Guam Shipyard (9)
2014–15 Guam Men's Soccer League

Guam Men's Soccer League (BGMSL) is the top league of the Guam Football Association in the United States territory of Guam. Since 2004, the BGMSL has had two levels: Division I and Division II. Since 2007, the league has adopted a longer season that starts in the fall and ends in the spring. Previously, the BGMSL was divided into two seasons: Spring and Fall. When the champions of the Spring and Fall seasons were different, a one-off match was played to decide the year's overall champion.

Teams for 2013/14 season[edit]

Division 1[edit]

Division 2[edit]

Previous winners[edit]

Winners were:[1]

Total Championships[edit]

The number of league championships that clubs in Guam have attained.

Number of Championships
Guam Shipyard (also as Staywell, Coors Light, G-Force) 9
Quality Distributors 6
University of Guam 4
Tumon Soccer Club (also as Tumon Taivon) 2
Rovers FC 2
Anderson Soccer Club 1
Guam U-18 1
Cars Plus FC 1

Golden Boot Winners[edit]

Fall 2006 Guam Eric Sotto Under-17 National 32
Spring 2007 Guam Eric Sotto Under-19 National 16
2007/08 Ashton Surber NO KA OI 20
2008/09 Min Sung Choi Paintco Strykers 35
2009/10 Min Sung Choi
Matthew Welton
Paintco Strykers
Quality Distributors
2010/11 Guam Elias Merfalen Cars Plus FC 15
2011/12 Scott Spindel
Jason Cunliffe
Quality Distributors
Guam Shipyard
2012/13 Scott Spindel Quality Distributors 42


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