Guamanian general election, 2006

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Guamanian general election, 2006
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  Guam Governor Felix Camacho.jpg Underwood-GUal.jpg
Nominee Felix Camacho Robert Underwood
Party Republican Democratic
Running mate Michael W. Cruz Frank Aguon, Jr.
Popular vote 19,560 18,700
Percentage 50.25% 48.04

Governor before election

Felix Perez Camacho

Elected Governor

Felix Perez Camacho

General elections were held in Guam on 7 November 2006 in order to elect the Governor, all 15 seats in the Legislature and the federal delegate. There was also a double referendum on legalise slot machines at racing tracks and raising the age at which citizens could purchase and consume alcohol to 21.[1][2]

Whilst Felix Perez Camacho of the Republican Party was re-elected as Governor, the Democratic Party won a majority of seats in the Legislature. Madeleine Bordallo was re-elected as the territory's federal delegate, whilst both referendum questions were rejected.


In Guam, elections to the Legislature and multi-member boards are run via open primary (This following the outlawing of the previous blanket primary similar to Louisiana.

Both the Public Auditor and Consolidated Commission on Utilities are required to be nonpartisan and as such candidates are not allowed to state affiliations or list them on the ballot.

In the case of the Auditor, affiliating with a party is grounds for disqualification.



Candidate Running mate Party Votes %
Felix Perez Camacho Michael W. Cruz Republican Party 19,560 50.25
Robert A. Underwood Frank B. Aguon, Jr. Democratic Party 18,700 48.04
Write-ins 668 1.72
Total 38,928 100
Source: Guam election

Delegate to House of Representavtives[edit]

Candidate Party Votes %
Madeleine Bordallo Democratic Party 32,677 96.45
Write-ins 1,201 3.55
Total 33,878 100
Source: Guam election


Party Votes % Seats
Republican Party 239,628 52.4 8
Democratic Party 215,334 47.1 7
Write-ins 2,091 0.5
Total 457,053 100 15
Source: Guam election


Raising the age for alcohol consumption[edit]

Shall proposal A, an initiative to raise the minimum age for consumption and purchase of alcoholic beverages to twenty-one years of age, be adopted by the voters of Guam?[2]

Choice Votes %
For 16,762 49.23
Against 17,289 50.77
Invalid/blank votes
Total 34,051 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Guam election

Legalising slot machines[edit]

Shall proposal B, an initiative to legalize slot machine gambling at an established pari-mutuel racing facility in Guam and to establish a slot machine gaming tax, be adopted by the voters of Guam?[1]

Choice Votes %
For 16,705 45.19
Against 20,260 54.81
Invalid/blank votes
Total 36,965 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Guam election