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General elections were held in Guam on 5 November 2002 in order to elect the Governor, all 15 members of the Legislature and the Federal delegate to the US Congress. There was also a referendum on raising the age at which alcohol could be bought and consumed to 21.[1] The proposal was rejected by voters.[1]


The elections to the Legislature and multi-member boards were run via open primary (This following the outlawing of the previous blanket primary[1]) similar to Louisiana.

Both the Public Auditor and Consolidated Commission on Utilities were required to be nonpartisan and as such candidates were not allowed to state affiliations or list them on the ballot.[2][3] In the case of the Auditor, affiliating with a party is grounds for disqualification.[2]



Candidate Party Votes %
Felix Camacho Republican Party 24,309 55.4
Robert A. Underwood Democratic Party 19,559 44.6
Total 43,868 100
Source: KUAM


Candidate Party Votes %
Madeleine Bordallo Democratic Party 27,081 63.60
Joseph F. Ada Republican Party 14,836 34.84
Total 41,917 100


Choice Votes %
For 19,436 46.27
Against 22,563 53.73
Invalid/blank votes
Total 41,999 100
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Direct Democracy


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