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Guan may refer to any of three Chinese family names (both rendered in Cantonese as Kwan, or also in English as Kuan). The three names are as follows:

Guan (管)[edit]

Guan (Chinese: ; pinyin: guǎn; Wade–Giles: kuan3; literally "pipe/tube/duct; a woodwind instrument; to manage/control"), The corresponding Vietnamese version is Quản, and the anglicized variation is Quan.

People with the surname Guan 管[edit]

Guan (官)[edit]

Guan () is a Chinese family name, Guan, Kuan, Quan, Kwan in common, origin from;

Guan (灌)[edit]

Guan (關)[edit]

  • Guan (關) family name came from Dongfu (董父) the descendant of ruler Shuan (叔安) in Chifeng in old Rehe Province