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See also: Quan and Kwan (surname)

Guan may refer to any of three Chinese family names (both rendered in Cantonese as Kwan, or also in English as Kuan). The three names are as follows:

Guan (管)[edit]

See also: Guan (state)

Guan (Chinese: ; pinyin: guǎn; Wade–Giles: kuan3; literally: "pipe/tube/duct; a woodwind instrument; to manage/control"), The corresponding Vietnamese version is Quản, and the anglicized variation is Quan.

People with the surname Guan 管[edit]

Guan (官)[edit]

Guan () is a Chinese family name, Guan, Kuan, Quan, Kwan in common, origin from;

Guan (灌)[edit]

Guan (關)[edit]

See also: Guān (surname)
  • Guan (關) family name came from Dongfu (董父) the descendant of ruler Shuan (叔安) in Chifeng in old Rehe Province

Fictional Characters[edit]