Guangtong–Dali Railway

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The Guangtong–Dali or Guangda Railway (simplified Chinese: 广大铁路; traditional Chinese: 廣大鐵路; pinyin: guǎngdà tiělù), is a single-track electrified railroad in Yunnan Province of Southwest China. The line branches off of the Guangtong Station, near Kunming on the Chengdu–Kunming Railway and runs west to Dali City. The line is 213 km (132 mi) in length and was built from May 1992 to June 1998.[1] Major cities and towns along route include Chuxiong, Nanhua, Xiangyun County, Midu and Dali.

The Guangtong–Dali Railway in the city of Chuxiong.

Construction on a new, 175-km dual-track electrified section of the line began in September 2010, but as of November 2011, construction has been delayed by lack of funding.[2][3]

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