Guanxi, Hsinchu

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Coordinates: 24°48′N 121°11′E / 24.800°N 121.183°E / 24.800; 121.183

Guanxi Township in Hsinchu County
Guanxi Township
Mawubu Waterfall (馬武督瀑布)

Guanxi Township or Guansi Township (Chinese: 關西鎮; pinyin: Guānxi Zhèn) is a Hakka urban township in Hsinchu County, Taiwan.


It has an area of 125.5 square kilometers and a population of 30,870 as of January 2014.

Administrative divisions[edit]

  • Tungxing Village
  • Xian Village
  • Nanxiong Village
  • Beidou Village
  • Beishan Village
  • Renan Village
  • Nanshan Village
  • Tungan Village
  • Tungshan Village
  • Tungguang Village
  • Nanxin Village
  • Xinfu Village
  • Yushan Village
  • Jinshan Village
  • Jinshan Village
  • Datong Village
  • Shiguang Village
  • Tungping Village
  • Shanglin Village
  • Xinli Village
  • Nanhe Village[1]


The township houses the headquarter office of Hsin Tao Power Corporation.


Tourist attractions[edit]


Formosa Fwy Guanxi Interchange (79.3 km)

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