Guaranteed (Morris Day album)

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Studio album by Morris Day
Released 1992
Genre R&B/Funk/Hip hop
Length 46:32
Label Reprise
Producer Morris Day
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It's About Time
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Allmusic 2/5 stars link

Guaranteed, released in 1992, is the third solo album by R&B singer Morris Day. Released five years after his previous album, Guaranteed is a notable step away from previous efforts. Focusing on hip-hop, the album has much more input from outside producers and composers. Day even cut off his trademark permed hair to focus on appealing to a younger crowd. The experiment was a failure and the album fared poorly. It would be the only Morris Day album released in the 1990s, and last album for the next 12 years.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Gimme What'cha Got" – 5:28 composed by Bernard Belle
  2. "Circle of Love" – 4:17 composed by Sharon Barnes, Morris Day, Michael Stokes
  3. "Deeper" – 4:05 composed by Patrick Adams, Stanley Brown, Morris Day
  4. "My Special" – 3:42 composed by Patrick Adams, Skeff Anselm, Morris Day, Emmanuel Rahiem LeBlanc, James Mosley
  5. "Everlasting" – 5:01 composed by Sharon Barnes, Morris Day, Michael Stokes
  6. "Guaranteed" – 5:50 composed by Bernard Belle, Greg Curtis
  7. "Angels Don't" – 4:15 composed by Benjamin Belfield, Bernard Belle, Morris Day, Michael Stokes, Clint Stokes III
  8. "Changes" – 5:26 composed by Morris Day, Michael Stokes
  9. "Meant to Be Together" – 4:05 composed by Stanley Brown
  10. "Who's That Girl" – 4:33 composed by Sharon Barnes, John Bokowski, Morris Day, Michael Stokes


  • Guitar – Charles Fearing, Emmanuel Rahiem LeBlanc, Kewko Vanderpuy
  • Engineering – Frank Byron, F. Byron Clark, Foley Folie, Dante Gioia, Rich July, Brian Kinkay, Dennis Mitchell, Bruce Moore, John Parthum, Paris Robinson, Clint Stokes III, Michael Stokes, Boon Tan
  • Keyboards – Houston Bowen, Josh Milan, Clint Stokes III, Michael Stokes, Gordon Williams
  • MasteringBernie Grundman
  • Mixing – Bernard Belle, Frank Byron, F. Byron Clark, Brian Kinkay, Dennis Mitchell, John Parthum, Thom Russo, Boon Tan, Dave Way, Willie Will
  • Producer – Morris Day, Bernard Belle, Stanley Brown, Karen Jones, Benny Medina, Michael Stokes
  • Programming – Skeff Anselm, John Bokowski, Gordon Williams
  • RapBig Daddy Kane
  • Vocals - Morris Day (lead), Patrick Adams, Judi Day, Alice Echols, Rick Nelson, Louis Price, Marsha Sapp, Linda Stokes, Spencer Washington