Orthopoxvirus inclusion bodies

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Orthopoxvirus inclusion bodies are aggregates of stainable protein produced by poxvirus virions in the cell nuclei and/or cytoplasm of epithelial cells in humans. They are important as sites of viral replication.[1][2]


Morphologically there are two types of Orthopoxvirus inclusion bodies, Type-A inclusion bodies and Guarnieri bodies. Type-A inclusion bodies are found only in certain poxviruses like cowpox.[3] The Guarnieri bodies are found in all poxvirus infections and their presence is diagnostic.[4] The diagnosis of an orthopoxvirus infection can also be made rapidly by electron microscopic examination of pustular fluid or scabs. However, all orthopoxviruses exhibit identical brick-shaped virions by electron microscopy.

Guarnieri bodies are named for Giuseppe Guarnieri, (1856-1918) an Italian physician who first described them.[5]


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