Guatemalan immigration to Mexico

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Guatemalans in Mexico
Guatemaltecos en México
Total population
Roman Catholicism · Pentecostalism
Related ethnic groups
Guatemala diaspora
Immigrants to Mexico.

There is a small Guatemalan diaspora in Mexico. According to the 2005 census, there were roughly 50,000 Guatemalans citizens living in Mexico.

Migration history[edit]

Guatemalan culture has existed in Mexico since the end of the Mexican Revolution, but immigration did not pick up until the 1960s. Due to a devastating civil war, many Guatemalans were allowed into Mexico. Many stayed only temporarily, but others settled down in the country. Recently, many Guatemalans have been immigrating to Mexico rather than the United States. Most settle around Guatemala-Mexico border states to keep in touch with family, but many move to Mexico City where a large community already exists, and some settle around Baja California and US-Mexico border states because of Guatemalan American communities existing in American border cities, some with relatives in the United States.

Notable Guatemalan Mexicans[edit]