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"Cover of Gubble"
Developer(s) Actual Entertainment (Macintosh, Windows)

Mud Duck Productions (Playstation)

Publisher(s) Actual Entertainment (Macintosh, Windows, iOS)

Mud Duck Productions, Midas Interactive Entertainment (Playstation)

Platform(s) PlayStation, Windows, Macintosh, iOS
Release date(s) Windows
  • JP September 17, 1998
  • EU April 12, 2001
  • NA June 2002
  • EU December 20, 2010
  • NA December 20, 2010
Genre(s) Puzzle video game
Distribution CD-ROM

Gubble is a PlayStation, iOS and PC game. Most of the gameplay requires the player to solve a series of real-time puzzles in which he uses tools, such as a hammer or screwdriver, which the main character, Gubble (an alien), uses in a humorous way to remove the implements of these tools, such as nails and screws, from the playing area. Gubble HD is an enhanced version for PC and the iPad.

The opening storyline to Gubble (only found in the instruction booklet) is very vague and is only used to make the game seem slightly more rational. The majority of the game is spent on the fictional planet Renegar, and many of the puzzles repeat themes of a certain world (the game is split into multiple worlds).


Levels in a world are called "Zymbots" and are usually maze-like in appearance. They are filled with several enemies and tools. Other than their being like similar to a maze, their features are made to resemble certain features on other planets, such as lava, fields, deserts, snow fields,etc. In the PC version, each zymbot is named; the name is the same as the name of the world the zymbot is in plus an additional letter added to the end. For example, the very first zymbot - which is in the first world: Rennigar - is called Rennigara. This is not done in the PlayStation version.


Tools are made to resemble those of a carpenter. A hammer, drill, screwdriver, a bolt remover, saw, mallet, and a sledgehammer are just a few of the tools used to deconstruct a level. Tools can be found within a zymbot and are used to remove the several nails, screws, bolts, etc. that hold a level together.



Gears are found within the first level and a few others. They move in a set path and only move in one direction. They appear as red/black balls with a white, gear-like outer rim. Several Gears appear within the minigame of the first level they appear in.


Chairs come in two colors: Red and Blue. Red Chairs first appear in the second level, whereas Blue Chairs appear in the fourth level. Both Chairs chase Gubble as soon as they spot him, but only within a set area. Their heads appear to be platform-ish, with small, stubby legs underneath. In the PC instruction booklet the red ones are called Wangry Wobots and the blue ones Wangry Wobot Wannabees.


Maggots appear in the third and fifth levels, where they wander aimlessly in almost every direction. They look like blue insects with yellow feet and jaws and have five eyes. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Slug Bugs.

Missile Robot[edit]

Missile Robots appear as silver robots that have large chests, one wheel for transportation, a hole on their chests, and a small head. They fire missiles at Gubble as soon as they spot him. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Row Bots.

Claw Reacher[edit]

Claw reachers travel in a straight line at quick speed. They appear as small, red robots with claws extending from their backs. Two also appear in a minigame. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Drones.

Wing Demon[edit]

Wing Demons appear in the lava-filled section of the first world. They travel on a straight path and ignore Gubble. Their appearance is a small, spherical ball with three pink tentacles protruding from the bottom section and two demonic wings on its top half. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Uurgghhs.


UFOs are (arguably) the hardest enemies in the game, because they attack high, and slam down low when Gubble is in sight. They can also hurt Gubble while he's hovering. They look like flying spacecraft with small green stripes on the side. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Divebombers.


Cannons are immobile enemies that shoot silver cannonballs at Gubble when they see him. They could be considered more of an obstacle than an enemy.

Pogo Toad[edit]

Pogo Toads have the odd ability to jump higher than Gubble's hover. Their heads are light blue balls with yellow eyes, and their bodies are gigantic blue springs. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Froozes.

Wheel Robot[edit]

"Wheel Robots" appear as thin, copper robots with a blue ball and mouth and red angry eyes. They move around like Maggots. In the PC instruction booklet they are called BoilerBots.

Alien-Eating Plant[edit]

When Gubble goes into the plant, he loses HP and teleports somewhere. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Plants-O-Pain.


Spikes are green stars that act like Maggots and hover above the ground. They only appear in the PC Version of Gubble.

Knob UFO[edit]

Knob UFOs act like Maggots as well and hover above the ground as well. They only appear in the PC Version of Gubble.

Yellow Worm[edit]

Yellow Worms act like Maggots like the two above, but they squirm. They only appear only in the PC Version of Gubble. In the PC instruction booklet they are called Flatworms.

Review scores
Publication Score
PlayStation Magazine 2/10[1]


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