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Gudluru is located in Andhra Pradesh
Location in Andhra Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 15°04′N 79°54′E / 15.067°N 79.900°E / 15.067; 79.900Coordinates: 15°04′N 79°54′E / 15.067°N 79.900°E / 15.067; 79.900
Country  India
State Andhra Pradesh
District Prakasam
 • Total 43.76 km2 (16.90 sq mi)
Elevation(above sea level) 24 m (79 ft)
Population (2011)
 • Total 8,153
 • Density 190/km2 (480/sq mi)
 • Official Telugu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 523281
Vehicle registration AP27
Nearest city Kandukuru
Lok Sabha Nellore
Vidhan Sabha Kandukuru

Gudluru/Gudlur(Telugu: గుడ్లూరు) is a village in the Kandukur Taluk of the Prakasam district of Andhra Pradesh, India, previously called Netrapuri. It is 24 meters above sea level and spread across 23 Gram Panchayats. Gudluru is on the border of the Prakasam and Nellore districts.


Gudluru (In Telugu,"Gudlu" means 'eyes' and "Ooru" means 'village') used to be called Netrapuri (In Telugu,"Netram" means 'eye' and "puri" means 'village'). The famous Telugu poet Yerrapragada (Yerrana) was born in Gudluru in the 14th century. Yerrana was one of the kavitrayam (the trinity of poets) who translated the Mahabharata into Telugu. Another Telugu poet, Vennelakanti Surana, translated Sanskrit Vishnu Purana, a document describig the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, into Telugu under the name "Andhra Sri Vishnu Puranam". A prominent group of Brahmins in this village and some other places of Andhra Pradesh have the surname Gudluru. The poetic tradition of the region has been carried on by several of the local Brahmins.

There were mass migrations from Gudluru during the early 20th century because of drought. Several agrarian communities moved from this town to more fertile and water-abundant towns between Kavali and Tirupati. There are several communities in Andhra Pradesh that share Gudluru as their surname. It is speculated that this town had historical significance since the main occupants of Gudluru were warriors and priests.


  • Bus :- Gudluru has buses that visit nearby towns like Kandukuru, and Kavali and as well as major cities like Hyderabad and Chennai.
  • Railways :- There are no trains that stop in Gudluru. The railway stations close to this village are:-
  1. Tettu : 12 km
  2. Kavali: 26 km(Direct bus facility)
  3. Singarayakonda: 32 km
  4. Ongole : 60 km
  5. Nellore: 82 km
  • Airport :- There is no Airport in this Village.The Airports close to this village are:-
  1. Tirupati Airport : 208 km
  2. Vijayawada Airport : 227 km
  3. Chennai International Airport : 273 km
  4. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport : 380 km

Main Library[edit]

  • Yerrapragada Library (SINCE 1952)

Head Librarian: Kappaganthula Venu Gopala Krishna Murthy


  • Syndicate Bank


  • Z.P.H School
  • Sri Chaitanya High School
  • Abhyudaya High School
  • Good Shepherd School


  • M.S.R Junior College


  • Saptagiri Srinivasa DTS

Temple – Nilakanteshwaraswamy Aalayam,Vishnavaalayam[edit]

This sacred Shiva Kshetra housed Errana, one of the great poets, who translated Vysa's Mahabharata into Telugu. The temple was built during the reign of Maurya Chandragupta and it contains an image of Errana that is mentioned in many works of literature. The Shiva linga has a unique colour – it is white on one side and red on the other side. According to legend, the linga was drinking the milk of a cow in the form of a serpent. When a cowherd beat the snake, it turned into white Shiva linga, hence the red colour indicating the blood that came out when the cowherd attacked it with his axe. Another attraction is the enormous tank which according to local legend at one point had a thousand elephants swimming in it. It contains the beautiful images of Chandi, Subrahmanya, Virabhadra, Kumaraswamy etc.

According to the elders, Gudluru has 100 temples and 100 lakes. A portion of the village is raised 2-4 meters above the remaining village. This upper portion is called Mittapalem (mitta meaning a surface which upper to larger plain surface). The mud of the upper village shows some old mud constructed areas which give evidence that it was a fortified place in the olden days. A big lake (mentioned above) is situated as boundary to the Mitta Palem. One side is used for drinking water and as a place to bathe for elephants and horses. The name of this lake is "Yenugula doruvu" (Yenugu means elephant and Doruvu means lake).

Another important landmark is the ancientVaishnvaite temple{ Near to Kshatriyas(rajulu) Houses } dedicated to Vishnu is situated in the Mitta Palem of Gudluru in addition to the Shiva temple. This evidence suggests that the village populace has had equal groups of Shaivism and Vaishnavism for many centuries.

In addition to these two big temples, several temples like the Pratapa veeraanjaneya swami temple, a completely ruined Chennakesava Temple, and temples dedicated to Virahabdra, Vinayaka, Ankamma, Poleramma and others.

Several lakes exist to date as an evidence of the rich history of this village. During the monsoon seasons local people frequently find idols of the Gods which turn up due to the rising water. Many of idols are regrettably abandoned without care rather than being turned over to a temple or museum.

This village is surrounded by several tiny villages, hence it was also known as "Nethrapuri" (Nethram in Sanskrit and Kannuin Telugu meaning eye).


Newspapers: Telugu Newspapers such as Eenadu(ఈనాడు), Sakshi(సాక్షి), Andhra Jyothi(ఆ౦ధ్రజ్యోతి), Andhra Bhoomi(ఆ౦ధ్రభూమి), Vaartha(వార్త), Andhra Prabaha(ఆ౦ధ్రప్రభ) and as well as English newspapers such as The Hindu, Deccan Chronicle are read. These papers are published by Ongole.

TV channels: Gudluru citizens can watch state wide Telugu cable channels such as news channels, Gemini, Gemini Comedy, Gemini Music, Gemini Movies, Maa TV, Maa Gold, Maa Music, ETV, ETV Andhrapradesh, NTV, TV9, CN, TV10, ABN AndhraJyothi, Khushi TV, Star Sports, Zee Telugu, CVR, CVR Health, TV5, Bhakti TV, SVBC, and Discovery. Hindi, English movie channels, and local cable channels are also available.


  • Big Lake
  • Small Lake
  • Elephant Lake

Presidents of Village[edit]

Period Candidate Name Party
2013 to Present Sundaram తెలుగుదేశ౦ పార్టీ(TDP)
2006 – 2011 Para Janardhan INC
2001 – 2006 Vijaya Laxmi INC
1996 – 2001 Mekapotula Raghaviah తెలుగుదేశ౦ పార్టీ(TDP)

Kandukur Assembly Constituency[edit]

Kandukur is an Assembly Constituency in Andhra Pradesh. There were 191,544 registered voters in Kandukur constituency for the 2014 elections.

List of Elected Members:[1]

Period Candidate Name Political Party
2014 - Present Pothula RamaRao YSRCP
2009 - 2014 Manugunta Maheedhar Reddy INC
2004 - 2009 Manugunta Maheedhar Reddy INC
1999 - 2004 Dr.Divi Sivaram తెలుగుదేశ౦ పార్టీ(TDP)
1994 - 1999 Dr.Divi Sivaram తెలుగుదేశ౦ పార్టీ(TDP)
1989 - 1994 Manugunta Maheedhar Reddy INC
1985 - 1989 Sri Manugunta Adinarayana Reddy IND
1983 - 1985 Sri Manugunta Adinarayana Reddy IND
1978 - 1983 Divi Kondaiah Chowdary INC
1972 - 1978 Sri Manugunta Adinarayana Reddy IND
1967 - 1972 Nalamothu Chenchurama Naidu INC
1962 - 1967 Nalamothu Chenchurama Naidu INC
1957 - 1962 Divi Kondaiah Chowdary INC

Villages in Gudluru Mandal[edit]

  1. Gudluru
  2. Parakondapaduagraharam
  3. Parakondapadu
  4. Dappalampadu
  5. Gundlapalem
  6. Kothapeta
  7. Potluru
  8. Pajarla
  9. Swarnajipuram
  10. Mogalluru
  11. Basireddypalem
  12. Darakanipadu
  13. Puretipalli
  14. Venkampeta
  15. Chinalateripi
  16. Nayudupalem
  17. Ammavaripalem
  18. Mocherla
  19. Tettu
  20. Ravur
  21. Elurupadu
  22. Chevuru
  23. Chemidedapadu
  24. RC Agraharam
  25. chenchireddypalem
  26. Janakampeta
  27. Ramayapatnam
  28. pallepalem
  29. Salipeta
  30. Pattapupalem
  31. Santhinagar
  32. RamaNagar(Chenchireddypalem)