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song by Paul Paljett
Released 1977
Genre dansband music
Label Mariann
Writer Monica Forsberg
Composer Paul Paljett
Language Swedish

Guenerina is a song written by Paul Paljett and Monica Forsberg and originally recorded by Paul Paljett on the 1977 album Mumbo Jumbo.[1] The song stayed at Svensktoppen for 11 weeks from 17 April- 10 July 1977, topping the chart seven times.[2]

The song originally applied for Melodifestivalen 1977, but was rejected.[3]

In 1977 Nils Dacke recorded the song for the album "Nils Dacke spelar partyorgel".[4]

In 1978 Vikingarna recorded the song on the album Export, to promote the band outside Sweden, with lyrics in English as Don't Cry in the Sunshine, written by Thomas Minor.[5]

In 1992 the song was also recorded by Matz Bladhs on the album Leende dansmusik 92, when Paul Paljett was the band's lead singer.[6]

In 1997 Ronnix recorded the song for the album Ronnix.[7]

At Dansbandskampen 2008, the song was performed by Jannez. Their recording also became aviable for the 2008 Dansbandskampen compilation album, and the 2009 Jannez album with the same name.[8]


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