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Gui Gui (Emma Wu)
2007TaipeiITMonth ChineseGamer HeiSeHuiMeiMei-GuiGui.jpg
2007 Taipei ITMonth
Chinese name 鬼鬼 (traditional)
Pinyin Gui Gui (Mandarin)
Birth name Wu Ying-Chieh, 吳映潔
Origin Taiwan
Born (1989-08-11) 11 August 1989 (age 24)
Taiwan, Republic of China
Other name(s) Emma Wu
Occupation Singer, Actress, Commercial Model
Genre(s) Mandopop
Years active 2005–present
Associated acts Hey Girl

Wu Ying Chieh (simplified Chinese: 吴映洁; traditional Chinese: 吳映潔, English name Emma, born 11 August 1989 in Taiwan Keelung), better known by her stage name Gui Gui (Chinese: 鬼鬼), is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress represented by Polyland International Entertainment.

Debut & Early Years[edit]

In 2006, Gui Gui debuted as one of the original nine members of the Taiwanese girl group "Hei She Hui Mei Mei", which later underwent a name change in their 2008 comeback to "Hey Girl". After a year long hiatus, Hey Girl launched their first titled debut album. Consisting of eight girls, Hey Girl would often collaborate with the Taiwanese boy band, Lollipop F.

2009: Departure and 2010-Present[edit]

In 2009, Gui Gui left the management of Channel V. Her former manager, Andy Chang, expressed that she was unlikely to renew her contract, and with an ambiguous post on her personal blog, Gui Gui has also admitted to her decision of leaving the group. Andy Chang later announced that Hey Girl did not belong to the Channel V Management, and thus, Gui Gui would still be attending the promotional activities per usual.

However, the album promotions following his statement did not include Gui Gui, who was said to be busy with the promotions of the idol drama Pi Li MIT. On the May 6, 2009, Andy Chang officially confirmed that Gui Gui will not be renewing her contract with Channel V, and that her involvement with Hey Girl will have to be clarified with Warner Music, as Hey Girl did not belong to Channel V.


Acting Career[edit]

During the summer of 2007, Wu Gui Gui and the other members of Hey Girls made their acting debut in the drama Brown Sugar Macchiato, a collaboration with Lollipop group. This marked as her first acting career. The first episode was aired in Taiwan on July 15, 2007. Later, the band, Lollipop admits on Kangxi Lai Le that the drama had been more of an introduction of the two groups instead of a major acting challenge, as the members were told to act like themselves, and that many subplots were explained only briefly due to the large number of main characters.[1] After thirteen episodes, the drama ended on October 7, 2007. They released an official soundtrack, then, with songs from Lollipop and Hey Girl.[2] The series also created a new love team between Gui Gui and Wang Zi as they received the Best Onscreen Couple.[3]

In 2008, Gui Gui starred in Mysterious Incredible Terminator (Pi Li MIT) opposite of Aaron Yan from Fahrenheit and Alien Huang. After the wrapping up of Mysterious Incredible Terminator, Gui Gui and Aaron, widely praised for their on screen chemistry and closeness, were to co-star in Taiwanese drama Momo Love, based on Japanese manga Momoka Typhoon. However, productions were halted due to schedule conflicts with the promotions of Fahrenheit's new album, but when filming resumed, Gui Gui was subsequently replaced by Cyndi Wang while Aaron Yan was assigned to cast as the second male lead of Love Buffet, leading him to be replaced by bandmate Jiro Wang.

In early 2011, Gui Gui signed to the new entertainment management company,Polyface Entertainment Media Group, and hoped for a fresh start as she was ready launch her acting career.

Since her departure from Hey Girl and flying solo, Gui Gui has encountered endless obstacles and challenges, but in the end, she would emerge from the midst of everything and make a stronger comeback for herself. In the early months of her solo career, Gui Gui hosted quite a few variety programs and the ratings of these shows peaked the charts, but despite the newly found success, productions were later cancelled for unknown reasons. After a short hiatus, Gui Gui returned to filming and participated in Taiwanese idol dramas such as "I, My Brother", a transcontinental collaboration between Malaysia and Taiwan. On the set, Gui Gui was rumored to have ignited love sparks with her Taiwanese costar, George Hu, whom she was romantically involved with in the drama. That same year, Gui Gui also received an invite to Mainland China to film the television version of "Painted Skin",[4] in which she collaborated closely with Fiona Sit, Chen Yi Rong, Li Zhong Han, and many more of Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong's experienced artists. Captivated by her natural charisma and bright personality, high words of praise from those of her directors and costars brought new opportunities and opened doors that allowed for Gui Gui to further expand her acting career outside of Taiwan.

As of mid-2012 to early 2013, Gui Gui has been spending much time in the Mainland China region, filming a three part-movie series "The Four" with Ronald Cheng, Anthony Wong, Deng Chao, and Liu Yifei. In February 2013, she was then confirmed to take part in the Korean reality show, "We Got Married" with her virtual husband Ok Taecyeon, member of the famous South Korean boy band 2PM. "We Got Married" is a popular reality program based in South Korea that features the married lives of celebrity couples. The producers had indeed witnessed the hidden potential of the mischievous Gui Gui and made a decision to cast her in the show, thus boosting her popularity in countries outside of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Regarding this rare experience,Gui Gui once commented, “I am honored to be able to participate in such a good program. I have had a great time, and learnt a lot from working with such a professional team.”


Television Series[edit]

Broadcast Date Broadcast Channel Drama Title Role Name Cast Role Chapters Appeared
July 15, 2007 FTV Brown Sugar Macchiato Gui Gui Hei Se Hui Mei MeiLollipopWang ZiLiljay、Candice Liu Rong Jia Main Female Lead All
Jul 26, 2008 StarTV The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries Xie Jiao Hu Fa Wang Zi、A-wei、Xiao Yu、Xiao Xun、Ya Tou、Xiao ManMeiMei、A Ben、Xiao Ma Cameo Ep 13
Nov 7, 2008 FTV/GTV Mysterious Incredible Terminator Li Xiao Xing / Tian Mo Xin Aaron YanChristine FanXiao Gui、 Lu Ting Wei Main Female Lead All
Feb 27, 2009 FTV/GTV K.O.3an Guo Huang Yue Ying George HuXiuBenjiAlan KeWu Xiong、Han Cameo Ep 44-46
Jan 8, 2011 Astro 《I, My Brother 》 Lu Wei Wei Thomas-Jack 、George Hu、Jason Tsou、Chung Xin Yi、Chou Xiao Han Main Female Lead All
Mar 3, 2011 All Over China Painted Skin Xia Bing Li Jong Han 、Fiona SitLaw Kar-ying、Chen Yi Rong Third Female Lead All
Sept 4, 2011 CTV Love Recipe Wang Mei Ya Kenji Wu, Rhydian Vaughan Second Female Lead All
Oct 31, 2012 GTV 《Summer Fever 》 Chen Wen Qing / Chen Tian Qing George Hu Main Female Lead All
Jul 31, 2012 Zhejiang TV 《Blue Dreams 》 Shen Xiao Qi Han Chae Young, Zhu Zi Xiao Second Female Lead All
May 5, 2013 Hunan STV 《Female Prime Minister 》 Dan Niang Zanilia Zhao, Kimi Qiao, Chen Xiao, Yang Rong, Maggie Cheung Ho-yee, Leanne Liu  Supporting Lead All
2013 《The Four Series 》 Ling Yi Yi Hans Zhang, William Chan, Mickey He Female Lead All
June 4, 2014 BTV 《Incisive Great Teacher 》 Song Wen Wen Nicky Wu, Liu Shishi Second Female Lead All
June 29, 2014 Hunan STV 《A Different Kind of Pretty Man 》 Tong Yu Chen Hans Zhang, Edwin Jia Wen, Tiffany Lu, Fan Shi Qi, Niki Yi, Zhang Yulong Main Female Lead All
2014 《Slacker's Food Diary》 Zhang An An Dylan Kuo, Edwin Jia Wen, Tang Xin, Xin Le Er Main Female Lead All
2014 《Shenzhen Roommate Diaries 》 Li Mei Dai Show Lo, Mao Jun Jie, Zheng Luo Qian, Owodog Second Female Lead All


Date Released Title Character Name Cast Role
November 2011 The Four Ding Dang Ronald ChengAnthony WongDeng ChaoLiu Yifei Female Constable
2013 The Four II
2014 《The Four III》


2012 Foul (犯規) (Summer Fever OST) [戀夏38℃片頭曲] Taste Of That Year Summer (那年夏天的味道) (Summer Fever OST) [戀夏38℃片尾曲]


Year Title Roles
2006 Fashion in House Outside Host
Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang Assistant Host
2007 Fashion in house Outside Host
Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang Assistant Host
Mei Mei Pu Pu Feng DJ
2008 Fashion in house Co-Host
Mo Fan Bang Bang Tang Assistant Host
2009 Game GX Co-Host
Golden Taxi Co-Host
I Love Blackie Assistant Host
Mi Gu Celebrity School Assistant Host
2010 Ultimate Player Assistant Host
2011 Genius Go Go Go Substitute Assistant Host
2013 We Got Married World Ver. with Ok Taecyeon (a member of the Korean boy band 2PM)

Music Video appearances[edit]

Year Song title Artist Role
2006 Manservant (男傭) Kenji Wu Maid
2009 You Can Not See The Sky (你看不到的天空) Evan Yo Herself
Love is right Evan Yo Herself
2010 Red Wallace Chung Herself
2011 Missing You Liu Zi Qian Herself
Stick To You Liu Zi Qian Herself
Love's Secret Recipe (愛的秘方) [Kenji Wu] Herself
2013 Love away from me one meter Hu Xia Herself
2013 Love away from me one meter Hu Xia Herself

Works with Hey Girls![edit]

Digital Singles[edit]

Year Artist Song Album
2006 Hey Girl Shake it baby Beauties' Secret Day- Pink+Honey
Hey Girl I Want to Love Well Beauties' Secret Day- Pink
Hey Girl 1 2 3 Pinocchio Beauties' Secret Day- Pink
2007 Hey Girl Happiness Bubble Beauties' Secret Party EP
Hey Girl Hello Breeze of Love Brown Sugar Macchiato OST
2008 Hey Girl Call Big Sister Hey Girl
Hey Girl OOXX Hey Girl
Hey Girl Female Hey Girl
Hey Girl Hakuna Matata Hey Girl


Year Artist Song Album
2007 Lollipop & Hey Girl Bitter Sweet Brown Sugar Macchiato OST
Lollipop & Hey Girl Brown Sugar PK Show Brown Sugar Macchiato OST
2013 Ok Taecyeon & Gui Gui / Emma Wu I Love You We Got Married Global Edition OST



  • 2007 Beauties' Secret Party Full Colour Photo-book


  • Former member of Taiwanese girl group, Hey Girl (previously known as "Hei Sei Hui Mei Mei")
  • Left the Wo Ai Hei Se Hui ("I Love Blackie") variety show due to finished contract
  • 100% Entertainment Self Portrait Competition 百分百自拍達人: Gui Gui accumulated the most votes and came in first, defeating Xiao Tian Tian and Xiao Mi Tao Jie Jie on the polls.
  • Rumored to have dated fellow costar George Hu after their collaboration in "I, My Brother"

Endorsements and CF Appearances[edit]


  • Xin Du Shan Jian Xia Online
  • Hi Chew Soft Candy
  • Taipei Children Arts Festival


  • Edwin Jean
  • Fast Rotating Sushi
  • Le Tea Cherry
  • Knights Bridge
  • Pandora Sweet Wardrobe
  • Water Retention Plaster
  • Ka Ta Che Drink
  • Ai Zhi Wei Drink
  • Epson Photo


  • Whitening Mask
  • Fast Rotating Sushi
  • Le Tea Cherry
  • Knights Bridge
  • Pandora Sweet Wardrobe
  • Kang Shi Bo Fresh DailyC


  • Knights Bridge
  • Kang Shi Bo Fresh DailyC


  • Zoomin


  • Zoomin
  • Pim Pom with Wang Zi
  • FamilyMart


  • Nature Valley
  • Miss B
  • Pepper's


Year Awards
  • 2009 1st Degree Idol Drama Awards: Best onscreen couple (with Aaron Yan)[6]
  • 2009 1st Degree Idol Drama Awards: Best Female Actress[6]


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