Guidance Recordings

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Guidance Recordings
Genre House
Country of origin United States
Location Chicago, Illinois
Official website [1]

Guidance Recordings is a House music record label based in Chicago, Illinois.

The record label was founded in 1996 by Ivan Pavlovich, Rob Kouchoukos, Sid Stary and Kelly McNeer.

The label has released a great number of compilation albums in the subgenre of deep house, with the strains of soulful electronic music, nu-jazz, funk, Afro-Caribbean, Latin, electro and broken beat rhythms. One of their most illustrious and memorable productions was the Hi-Fidelity House Imprint series, which lasted for five volumes, featuring homegrown artists such as Nuspirit Helsinki, and guest appearances like tracks from Dubtribe Sound System. Sadly, the label seems to have gone out of business by the year 2005 and it has not published a release since 2004. To date, their website is still registered listing their full catalog of releases.


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