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Guido Henneböhl is a musician and concert organizer based in Berlin, Germany. He has worked with composers like Alwynne Pritchard, Jeremy Woodruff and Carlos Sandoval, and improvisers like Jochen Arbeit, Andre Vida and Brendan Dougherty.

Henneböhl has a unique method of developing synthesizer instruments by circuit bending old keyboards and toys, and combining them with self constructed primitive synthesizer elements. The instruments are known for their wide range of tones and dynamics, and produces stochastic-like musical phrases.


Of a duo performance with Alwynne Pritchard in London, the Telegraph wrote, "Their joint improvisations were playful, sinister and altogether riveting."[1]

Another ongoing project is the KGB trio with electronic music pioneer Kim Cascone and drummer Brendan Dougherty, which has been touring and recording since 2005.

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