Guildford railway station, Sydney

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Guildford Railway Station Western side.jpg
Station code GUD
Suburb Guildford
Street(s) Military Road
Distance from Central Station 25.72 km
Types of stopping trains Suburban all stops
Number of platforms 2
Number of tracks 2
Platform arrangement 2 Side
Type of station Ground
Ticket barriers No
Transfers available Bus
Disabled access Yes
Station facilities Link

Guildford railway station is a station on the Airport, Inner West & South Line and Cumberland Line of the Sydney Trains network. It services the residential suburb of Guildford. The station has two side platforms.

Platforms and services[edit]

As of the new Sydney Trains timetables on Sunday the 20th of October 2013: on weekdays the station is served by four to six trains per hour in each direction for most of the day, with additional trains provided during peak hours; and on weekends the station is served by two to four trains per hour in each direction for most of the day.

During off-peak hours two to four train services terminate at Glenfield, those on the Airport, Inner West & South Line; and Cumberland Line trains operate only on weekdays, providing two train services continuing after Glenfield, stopping at all stations and terminating at Campbelltown. Passengers who would like to travel to stations beyond Glenfield would have to change at stations between Merrylands and Glenfield. [1] [2]

During weekends two of these four train services towards Campbelltown terminate at Glenfield; and Cumberland Line trains does not operate on weekends.

A new overhead bridge with lifts on either side, has been constructed.[when?]

Platform Line Stopping pattern Notes
all stations and limited stops services to Central and the City Circle via Granville
all stations services to Schofields via Parramatta
all stations and limited stops services to Glenfield and Campbelltown via Liverpool
all stations services to Campbelltown via Liverpool


Transport links[edit]

Transdev NSW runs two routes via Guildford railway station east side:

Transit Systems Sydney runs 2 routes via west side

Transit Systems Sydney runs 1 route via east side

NightRide runs one route via Guildford railway station:

Neighbouring stations[edit]

Preceding station   Sydney Trains   Following station
towards Campbelltown
Inner West & South Line
towards Circular Quay
towards Campbelltown
Cumberland Line
towards Schofields


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Coordinates: 33°51′16″S 150°59′04″E / 33.8545°S 150.9844083°E / -33.8545; 150.9844083