Guillermo Larco Cox

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Guillermo Larco Cox
Prime Minister of Peru
In office
30 Setiembre 1989 – 28 July 1990
President Alan García
Preceded by Luis Alberto Sánchez
Succeeded by Juan Carlos Hurtado Miller
In office
26 June 1987 – 17 May 1988
Preceded by Luis Alva Castro
Succeeded by Armando Villanueva
Minister of Foreign Relations
In office
1 March 1989 – 28 July 1990
President Alan García
Preceded by Luis Gonzales Posada
Succeeded by Luis Marchand Stens
Minister of the Presidency
In office
27 June 1987 – 13 May 1988
President Alan García
Preceded by Nicanor Mujica Álvarez-Calderón
Succeeded by Armando Villanueva
Member of the Senate
In office
26 July 1985 – 26 July 1990
Member of the Chamber of Deputies
In office
26 July 1980 – 26 July 1985
Constituency Lima
Mayor of the Province of Trujillo
In office
1 January 1964 – 1 January 1970
Preceded by Victor Larco Herrera
Succeeded by Jorge Torres Vallejo
Personal details
Born (1932-02-19)February 19, 1932
Trujillo, La Libertad, Peru
Died (2002-07-12)July 12, 2002
Political party Peruvian Aprista Party
Religion Roman Catholic

Guillermo Larco Cox (*Trujillo, 1932 - †Lima, 2002), civil engineer and Peruvian politician. Member of the Peruvian Aprista Party, achieved the position of Senator and Prime Minister.


Guillermo Larco Cox was born in Trujillo on February 19, 1932. Son of Victor Larco and Alicia Cox; his siblings were Carolina, Alicia, and Victor Larco Cox. He married Laura Manucci, with whom he had 6 children (Mariana, Laura, Javier, Ricardo(†2011), Guillermo (†2005) y Alicia).

In 1961, was elected President of the 1st Directive Board of the Firemen department of Trujillo.

Joined the Peruvian Aprista Party in his youth, which led him to become the first democratically-elected Mayor of Trujillo in 1963, serving until 1969. From 1980-1985 he was elected to the Chamber of Deputies for the Department of La Libertad, and then as a Senator for the term 1985-1990. Elected for the Vice-Presidency of the Senate for the term 1986-1987.

During his term in the Senate, he also had the chance to serve under Alan García's first term as Head of the Cabinet, (from June 27, 1987 to May 13, 1988 and from September 30, 1989 to July 28, 1990). Among other positions, Larco was appointed as Minister of the Presidency and as Minister of Foreign Relations.

After Alan García's first term, Larco retired from Politics until his death on July 11, 2002 in his house in the Limean district of San Isidro


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