Guillermo Sheridan

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Guillermo Sheridan
Born Guillermo Humberto Sheridan Prieto[1]
(1950-08-27) 27 August 1950 (age 63)
Mexico City
Language Spanish
Nationality Mexican
Alma mater National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)[1]
University of East Anglia
Subjects Modern Mexican poetry
Notable award(s) Xavier Villaurrutia Award (1989), Fernando Benítez for Cultural Journalism (2011).

Guillermo Humberto Sheridan Prieto (born 27 August 1950 in Mexico City) is a Mexican literary critic, scholar and public commentator.

Life and work[edit]

As a scholar, most of his writing deals with the history of Mexican modern poetry in books like Los Contemporáneos ayer (1985), Un corazón adicto (1990, a biography of Ramón López Velarde), México en 1932 (1999, a study of Mexican nationalism), Poeta con Paisaje (2004, a biography of Nobel laureate poet Octavio Paz), Tres ensayos sobre Gilberto Owen (2008, essays about a Mexican poet), and Señales debidas (2011, essays about Mexican writers and poets of the 20th century). He has also edited poets José Juan Tablada, Ramón López Velarde and José Gorostiza.[2]

Sheridan has written extensively about politics, education and everyday life in some of Mexico’s most prestigious newspapers, such as Reforma and La Jornada. He was a monthly collaborator to Octavio Paz’s review Vuelta, and continues to publish a monthly article in Enrique Krauze’s Letras Libres and a weekly commentary in El Universal, a major daily newspaper. Several volumes of his chronicles have been published over the years: Frontera norte (1988), Cartas de Copilco y otras postales (1993), Lugar a dudas (1999), El encarguito (2007) and Viaje al centro de mi tierra (2011). His writings about the problems of higher education in Mexico were collected in Allá en el campus grande (2001). In 1996 he published an infamous satyrical novel about Mexican politics, El dedo de oro (Alfaguara, 1996). He has a blog called "El Minutario", hosted by Letras Libres.

Sheridan has also written about Mexican art. The book Manuel Alvarez Bravo: Eyes in His Eyes, a collection of inedit photographs, published by D.A.P. in 2007, has a text written by Sheridan.

Sheridan has also been a longtime collaborator of film director Nicolás Echevarría, with whom he wrote the script for Cabeza de Vaca (film) (1990) and several documentaries about Mexican indigenous cultures.[3]

A full-time professor and researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), Sheridan has been a visiting scholar at the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland; at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in France; at Boston University and at the University of Texas in Austin.

In 1989 he was awarded the Xavier Villaurrutia Award, a literary national prize.

In 2011 he received the "Fernando Benítez Cultural Journalism" national award by the Guadalajara International Book Fair.


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